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This is how it all started.  This photo was taken by my sister, Sandy Campanian on Thanksgiving Day.  Note the Red Shoes!      


Christmas "2005"                    


At THE CALISTOGA ROASTERY, Clive was so generous to let me conduct a "Happening" like they used to do in the 60's.  This is the famous "Table of Knowledge"  World Problems are solved every morning by artists, photographers, winemakers, yogi and spa people.  A gregarious group that really helped out with the shoot.

'Cocktail Shoe" is coming...  This will be shot at HYDRO GRILL.  Alex and Gail, the owners, have graciously given me permission to stand on their bar and do this shot. It will be a HAPPENING! Check back soon and I will announce the date. I would love to have you all there. Cheers!                                              Fran

    011_11The "Table of Knowledge" at The Calistoga Roastery in Calistoga, CA.        

Tractor Parade

Calistoga loves its parades.  Every first Saturday in December we have an annual Tractor Parade.  This year there were 54 entries!  The last few years, I have had the honor of gracing the seat of the Tudal Winery Tractor.  On a flatbed of course.                   .    Tractor Parade on Tudal Tractor

Our happy group that helped decorate and participated in the "2007" Tractor Parade in Calistoga, CA.  We won First Place and Best of Show! Thank you TUDAL WINERY, home of Tractor Shed Red, thank you Ron, located between Calistoga and St. Helena. Phone:   707-963-3947

    First Place "2007" Tractor Parade

Dr. Wilkinson's

This original 1952 sign was a night project in one of my photography classes at the Napa College. A lot of my favorite photos came out of class assignments! Located in the heart of historic Calistoga, DR.WILKINSON'S offers fine Spa Services and Lodging with the beauty of being right downtown and never having to get into your car.  Phone:  707-942-4102


Fran & Sandy at my Graduation 2011

Fran & Sandy at Graduation 2011

It all stared with a pair of pretty, pointy-toed, red high heels. After using them in my annual Christmas card, they were a great inspiration after getting so many compliments. I decided to try using them in clover for a St. Patricks Day card with some crazy leprechan socks.  Then it was candy corn and skeletons on my socks for Halloween.  Soon it became every Holiday including birthdays, stepping in a cake, weddings, rice of course and many, many more.  I have almost 25 different shoe cards.  And it is so much fun to keep adding to the collection. I just added "cashoes" cashews, of course. My photos are unretouched digital prints. No photoshop here. I really am stepping in Birthday cakes, cement, coffee beans, etc.!

I love living in the beautiful Napa Valley. With the vibrant yellow mustard in the Spring and the fiery vineyards in the Fall. It is a photographers dream come true.  I could not help but add some non-shoe images. I hope that you enjoy looking through my very first web site. This is just a starter.  I am open to suggestions.  Enjoy.  Fran



                                Mustard Bike

             CAMWatermarked Imagewtmk   

Mustard Bike was entered into the Napa Valley Mustard Festival Photography Contest in 2008 at Mumm Napa.  I was very proud to have my photo in their beautiful gallery.    I never took it home.  It was sold off the wall!  I saw this Bike sitting on a street in St. Helena and took a picture of it without the Mustard and noticed the bright yellow rims. I found out who owned it and borrowed it for this shot.                                                                                  

                                 Gold Vineyard                         

                Gold Vineyard 2


                                                  Tudal Winery Tractor

                     Tractor w: lighter mid tone                                                                                                                               


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